Diversify Customer Support and Training Methods to Improve Engagement

Learners prefer to receive information in different ways, which requires training and support content in various forms to improve end-user engagement and knowledge retention. To help your customers improve their work performance, speed up product adoption, and boost overall engagement, here’s why it’s crucial to create a broad training program that meets learners where they are.

Creating UC Training & Support Solutions that are Agile

UC Training and Support

As we’ve already seen in recent months, the businesses that have been the most successful during this unique and challenging time are those who have been the most agile and adaptive.

In order to maintain that level of success in the coming months, UC training and support solutions need to be created in a way that allows for quick updates to address the ever-changing needs of the business landscape as we navigate this “new normal.”

How to Simplify Your Complex Products for Your Users

complex UC products

UC technologies are innately helpful when it comes to these challenges. Collaboration tools foster team-building. Unified messaging ensures that an employee can always be reached. Presence management keeps tabs of who’s available.

But when your product or service offering is complex, it can confuse and frustrate new users and turn them off from the very features that could improve their work experience.

3 Ways to Ensure Your UC Sales Team Training Produces Results

uc sales team

One of the main differences between selling a product and selling a solution is the concept of a needs analysis and asking questions to understand the customer’s business goals. However, another significant component is client education.

For a potential customer to get fully on board with a new technological solution, they need to be certain it will solve their problems in a cost-effective way. By asking questions and educating them on the ins and outs of your UC collaboration tools that can serve them right now, you can improve your sales team’s closing rate.

How WFH Changed How We Looked at UC Training & Support

uc training

A self-service support platform empowers users to learn how to manage their UC services and communications devices from anywhere in real time, without having to contact their IT department or ultimately the service provider for support.

Why Video is Key for UC End User Training & How to Get it Right


The trend is clear – video learning is more engaging, and it helps users remember useful information within the content. If you’re struggling to facilitate product adoption among your UC end users or simply want to boost retention, finding a way to integrate video into your training is critical.

Here’s why you should be using video for your end user development and how to do so in the most effective ways.