VoIP Business is Booming: How Training Solutions Can Help You Handle the Surge of New Customers


After weathering through an average industry growth rate of –1.9 percent between 2015 and 2020, the VoIP industry has seen a monumental increase just this year. Due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and increased remote working, VoIP revenue has seen a whopping 8.3 percent growth rate in 2020 alone.

Despite current economic conditions that have strained many companies and industries, the VoIP business is booming. As a result, many firms are dealing with a surge of new customers.

Getting all of these new VoIP customers onboarded and trained to use their products and services can be overwhelming for your team, particularly if you don’t already have great training solutions in place.

Increase in VoIP

Since VoIP eliminates the dependence on a physical location to communicate and collaborate, companies have begun integrating with these systems to support their socially distanced or remote workforce. What’s better is VoIP doesn’t require costly physical hardware or on-site installation, saving tons for company budgets.

This increased use among small and mid-size businesses in particular means that your VoIP cloud services firm could quickly become overwhelmed with an influx of new customers ready to get onboarded and get back to work so they can minimize productivity delays.

Is your business ready for that?

The Missing Link: Training and Support

If you can provide these new clients with robust training and support resources specific to VoIP, your sales team will be able to educate, train, and empower customers to begin using your product or service successfully in less time.

With more time freed up from shorter customer onboarding, your team will be able to bring on more customers. Not only that, but each customer will be more confident and empowered to use the full breadth of capabilities your VoIP service offers with less need for input from IT staff.

Your training can cover basic VoIP fundamentals like making/receiving calls and voicemail management as well as simplify more complex topics like starting conference calls and utilizing the full range of call handling features. When the content is thorough, the result should be users who are comfortable with the new technology and feel familiar enough with the program to troubleshoot on their own first before going to the help desk.

VoIP Training Solutions

B-lynk’s self-service training tools and fully managed training content can help you meet your customers’ training and support needs.

Our custom end-user training options such as virtual training or chat support can directly impact product adoption and improve the experience customers have with your service.

Additionally, we can provide self-service training tools such as our Smart-Lynk support product. Your Smart-Lynk always comes custom-branded and jam-packed with all of the necessary support and training features that educate your customers. For more granular support, we also offer services such as tailor-made or white-labeled training videos.

But VoIP training needs don’t always begin after you sign a customer up. As your sales team fields a rise in calls for cloud VoIP services, having built-in demos to offer leads as sales support can help explain often complicated topics and increase the chances of closing deals.

Bridge the Gap With B-Lynk

Bridge the gap between the influx of new customers your VoIP business is seeing and the seamless customer experience you want them to have thorough training and support solutions from B-Lynk.

To learn more about our custom training and support resources or get set up with VoIP training solutions, contact the B-Lynk team today.