Dynamic, Interactive, and Searchable Digital Books for Training Content

Help your users find the answers that they need, when they need them with dynamic, interactive, and searchable Smart-Books from B-Lynk. These digital books take the work out of staying up-to-date with the latest version of a product by seamlessly updating your training and support content in real-time. Ensure users always have access to the information they need with Smart-Books’ highly searchable and organized chapter structure, designed to eliminate frustration and create confident, more empowered users.

What Are Smart-books?

Smart-Books are comprehensive user guides designed to provide help content for constantly innovating products such as apps or web-based portals. The content is engineered in a way that allows for quick updates and revisions in real-time, resulting in up-to-date information that your users can trust.

Organized with chapters, menus on each topic, and search function capabilities, our Smart-Books help your users get the most use and benefit out of your product. Smart-Books are custom-branded and can feature a variety of multimedia to enrich the support content.

Share it easily within your Smart-Lynk site, or simply share your custom link to grant access to your constantly updated content, all managed by B-Lynk’s training experts. Smart-Books include analytic reports so you can see what topics your users are engaging with most.

Smart-Books Features

Make finding answers easier than ever with content that can keep pace with constant product updates.

  • A to Z information - cover a product (app/portal) comprehensively for a user
  • Menus to access each topic
  • Chapters to eliminate endless scrolling
  • Search function capability 
  • Multimedia guides can include text, videos, GIFs, and screenshots
  • ‘Coming Soon’ section to preview upcoming product updates
  • Include analytics reporting so you can see what your customers are viewing
  • Localization capabilities 

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Keep all of your training and support content centrally located within your Smart-Lynk branded training portal, which comes packed with features that educate and empower your team. Get access to webinars, video training, user guides, and more in this fully-managed library of training content.

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