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who makes up the team?

Our team embraces new ideas, we are full of energy and a “get it done” attitude that is carried over to delivering the best possible experience for our customers. When you are in the business of supporting ever-changing technology solutions you have to be able to deliver. You won’t find any stuffy business suits here and email overload is just not accepted in this workplace!

katie merrill

Founder & CEO

Jackie Catalanotto

Client Services Manager

    Shari Mokhtari

    Trainer Manager

    Michael Harrold

    Director of Web & Cloud App Services

      Jen-Na Hollis

      Sales Coordinator

      Sherrie Simms

      Employee Engagement Manager

      Thomas McClatchie

      Product Leader – Web Services

      Rick Ortiz

      Web & Cloud Application Services Developer, Team Lead

        Tony Holguin

        Digital Designer & Animator

          Joly Lasater

          Project Manager

          Jason Cantell

          Content Services Manager

          Alev Applebaum

          Content Writer

          Erin Raitt

          Business Development Representative

          Lourdes Lindenauer

          Project Coordinator

          Wendy Weber
          Daryl Norfleet

          Technical Writer

          Kali Cummins

          eLearning Developer

          Natalie Reger

          Digital Designer

          Brandon Molina

          Instructional Video Designer



          Alan Cooper


          Julissa DeMaria


          Veronique Butera


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          Tampa, FL 33606
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