3 Ways to Scale Customer Education of Cloud Products

In recent years, cloud computing has changed the way businesses engage with technology.

As defined by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, cloud computing is a model that enables convenient, ubiquitous, on-demand network access to a shared pool of computing resources that can be rapidly deployed with minimal management effort or interaction.

As we shift toward a WFH-friendly business landscape and lean away from on-site computing infrastructure, we have seen a tremendous and continued shift to the cloud for businesses of all sizes.

But is your sales team capitalizing on this opportunity to convert?

Educating your customers is key to closing the deal and transitioning your customers to the cloud.

Growth of Cloud-Based Products and Services

In 2019, Flexera’s State of the Cloud report found that 58% of technical professionals place a high priority on moving into the cloud while 39% are already working on a cloud-first strategy. All in all, that’s 97% of survey respondents who are cloud-focused.

If your sales team isn’t already focused on cloud products and services, now is the time to make the shift.

There’s great potential for new business with existing customers, in addition to a higher conversion rate on new customers, when cloud products are part of the sales package. It’s clear that WFH isn’t going anywhere, so make sure your sales team is trained and knows how to educate your customers to help them make that decision to convert.

Educating Your Customers About Cloud Products

Every customer has unique needs that must be addressed by your salesperson in order to close the deal, but that can’t happen without educating the customer on the value of the product or service.

Cloud services can help companies avoid IT maintenance, reduce the need for capital investment in software and hardware, offer unrivaled scalability, and boost productivity and collaboration while working remotely. If your sales team isn’t clearly demonstrating how the features of your cloud service or product could benefit each new lead and existing customer, then you’re likely missing out on business.

B-lynk’s sales team training can ensure your sales team has the knowledge and feels empowered to convert those potential customers, whether existing or new, and close the deal on cloud-based UC sales proposals.

3 Ways to Scale Customer Education of Cloud Products With B-Lynk Solutions

B-lynk’s sales training services provide training options to suit your business needs.

Whether you’re looking for a self-paced sales course, a selection of solution sales training videos, or an LMS with personal learning paths, B-Lynk has the solutions you need to boost customer education through sales.

1. eLearning courses

Our eLearning sales training courses can empower your sales team by offering an engaging, interactive online learning experience that is clearly measurable. Through a combination of self-paced courses, interactive knowledge checks and quizzes, your sales team will become equipped with the know-how they need to tackle opportunities to sell cloud products with ease.

2. How-to Video training

If you want the power of in-person training with the ease and flexibility of virtual training, look no further than our sales and product training videos. These videos will not only empower your sales team, but they can also be used during customer discovery as sales tools to showcase your products and services in a way that photos or verbal explanations cannot.

3. Smart-Lynk For Sales

To get content created by cloud SMEs and developed by digital design professionals wherever and whenever you need it, there’s our Learning Management System, Smart-Lynk for Sales.

This effective, easy-to-use learning portal allows you to create different learning paths for sales professionals with different skill sets and levels of cloud expertise.

Whether you’re training a rookie sales team new to the cloud or veteran sales reps that just need to learn about new products, B-lynk can create the learning paths tailored to meet their needs. In addition, included course completion reporting and certifications allow you to know when your sales team is ready to start selling your product.

Start Scaling Customer Education of Cloud Products Today

The longer you wait to start focusing on customer education of cloud products, the more potential business you’re losing. If you want to maximize your business with existing customers while attracting new ones, it’s time to start taking advantage of the incredible value of cloud sales training products B-lynk has to offer.

Arm your sales team with the knowledge and confidence they need to close more deals with B-lynk. Contact us to learn more about our e-learning courses, how-to video training, or Smart-Lynk for Sales.