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Whether you’re preparing to launch or relaunch a product, you need to get your sales team up to speed and closing deals fast. Training doesn’t have to be a roadblock. B-Lynk provides a variety of training options created by cloud services training experts that will educate your sales team on your product and have them feeling confident and excited to start selling.

eLearning Courses

Our cloud services Sales Training empowers your sales teams by providing an interactive and measurable online learning experience. Through guided and self-paced education programs, your sales teams will be ready to sell… fast! Our solution selling approach to UC training will ensure that your team is ready to face new challenges and opportunities with knowledge and self-confidence.

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Video Training

Take training one step further and bundle our on-site sessions with our sales and product training videos for a top-notch blended learning program perfect for all learning styles, at all levels, that delivers RESULTS. video is not only useful for training but for product sales. Video can showcase your products in a way that photos don’t, and your potential customer remains more focused on, and engaged with your product as they watch. An explainer video can communicate the problem you solve, the value of your service, or the authenticity of your cause – these are all powerful sales tools.

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LMS Service & Management

Options for Learning Management System integration, hosting and support means content developed by our cloud subject matter experts and created by digital design pros is ALWAYS available to your teams when they need it. Our proactive approach to updating your videos based on changes to software means you never have to worry about updating as technology changes.

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Our solution selling approach to UC training will:

  • Ensure your sales team members are experts on your product.
  • Educate your team about how to make the most of customer discovery sessions
  • Teach your team the best ways to empower potential customers to feel confident about their buying decision and close the deal!

"B-Lynk's training in all its forms (tutorials, open sessions, custom sessions, and on-site training) has been instrumental in increasing our customers' knowledge of our products. They have been patient during development of the material and flexible when dates change at the last minute."

- April Diehl. Spectrum Product Manager

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