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Improve Customer Satisfaction with Live Chat

B-Lynk offers Chat Support as another channel for customers to get help and ask product and feature questions associated with using their service.  It will reduce calls to customer service and provide a real-time solution for end-users. Our Chat Support service is staffed by the same team of B-Lynk training experts that deliver our other virtual training services.  This assures that your end users will get the highest level of service by product experts, avoiding frustration with chatbots and unskilled chat agents.

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If you are a subscriber to our Smart-Lynk Solution, we will integrate the chat widget directly into your Smart-Lynk site. We will work with you to determine a list of FAQs to arm our trainers with the ability to answer questions quickly. Additionally, we will provide all of the reporting, chat transcripts and uphold our Chat Service Level agreement - ensuring the satisfaction of both you and your end customers.

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