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Gone are the days of the 190-page user manuals explaining how to configure and modify every toggle button or setting included with your product or service. Today’s users need information quickly in bite sized pieces that they can easily find. We have created a variety of tutorials and training materials to best serve them and increase product adoption and ease of use.

User Guides, How Tos, Tutorials, Articles

There are certain experiences that an end user will have with your service that typically do not evolve or will never need to be repeated or revisited by the same user. Our UC Subject Matter Experts have decades of experience creating the most user friendly guides for these experiences.

We understand that when end-users are ready to learn how to use something, configure something, make something or set something up – they likely aren’t going to search the term “overview”. They want the details. They want the annoying nitty-gritty details and all “gotchas” that might exist from getting started to complicated configurations. We make it quick, easy and straightforward.

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Whether you are a seasoned administrator or an end-user, we have a library of helpful resources for best practices and the most common questions. We’ve created these tutorials after years of experience with everything Broadsoft™ and an understanding that information needs to be easily accessible, intuitive, and problem-solving.

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"B-Lynk's training in all its forms (tutorials, open sessions, custom sessions, and on-site training) has been instrumental in increasing our customers' knowledge of our products. They have been patient during development of the material and flexible when dates change at the last minute."

- April Diehl. Spectrum Product Manager

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Your customized and branded training portal can be live in just two weeks – plus, it will come packed full of features and support that educate and empower your team. Including, but not limited to: video training, webinars and automatic monthly reporting. Did we mention that it’s created, customized and managed?

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