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Adoption & Support Content for CPaaS Products

To be a successful CPaaS provider, your customers must have positive experiences with the solutions developed from your products. If you want end-users to understand how to use your products to achieve their goals, you must give them effective adoption content.…
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Kick Off 2023 Sales Efforts With a Bang

With 2023 sales kickoffs just around the corner, now’s the time to get effective training in place to equip your sales teams with the intimate knowledge of the product itself but also of the value and function of the product for its users. B-Lynk’s sales eLearning courses can train UC…
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5 Ways to Set Your Team Up for Success in 2023

Ready or not, 2023 is just around the corner. Planning your product roadmap today can set you up for success in the coming year. But as trends and behavior in the UC industry shift, so must planning strategies. Through our conversations with service providers and resellers throughout the industry, we’ve…
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Help Ensure Your Customers Can Weather the Storm

As much as we wish they weren’t, natural disasters are a part of life. We learned this all too well recently when Hurricane Ian made landfall as a Category 4 storm just south of our headquarters in Tampa. Thankfully, we were prepared. Having the right plan in place can make…
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Strengthen Sales Teams with Repurposed Training Content to Edge Out the Competition

With increasing competition, the pressure is on for sales organizations to create value and drive sales through their product knowledge coupled with their ability to connect the dots between the customer’s business problem and how your products solve that. This requires a skilled sales professional willing to dive into learning…
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Training Your Channel Partners for Success

The potential for UCaaS sales growth between now and 2026 is looking good for service providers. For those who want to tap into the current and upcoming growth, a network of channel partners can help you scale your opportunity for sales, but setting them up for success with the right…

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