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Competing in the UC Customer Experience Space

Demand in the collaboration and communications space has led to more competition among businesses providing these solutions. It’s not enough to just have a great product anymore. Customers have high expectations for a positive experience throughout the process from the first discovery session through continued support so it’s more important…
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You’ve Onboarded Your Customer. Now What?

What should come after onboarding a new customer? Ongoing, effective training and support. Introductory training brings new hires up to speed, but information in the mind decays over time if it’s not utilized frequently enough, and that’s exactly what can happen without an ongoing training program in place. The best…
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Onboard Key Staff Quickly with Customized Training Sessions

A comprehensive generalized onboarding training often leaves gaps, especially when considering the training for key employees in administrative roles. These select team members still need structured training on these tasks and responsibilities. To address this real need facing many modern businesses, B-Lynk provides customized training sessions designed with these specialty…
Featured image for “Get the Most Out of odin Portals with B-Lynk Live Chat Support”

Get the Most Out of odin Portals with B-Lynk Live Chat Support

While new end-users familiarize themselves with odin Portals, after switching from legacy portals, B-Lynk can help close the customer experience loop with integrated live chat support from product and training experts who understand the intricacies of the cloud calling services and features.…
Featured image for “B-Lynk Announces Launch of New Smart-Books”

B-Lynk Announces Launch of New Smart-Books

Cloud technology training and support provider, B-Lynk is expanding its product offering with the launch of Smart-Books, a comprehensive, interactive, and dynamic eBook customized to a specific product offering and brand.…
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5 Critical Elements of a Sound Onboarding Strategy for Cloud Calling Customers

Creating a happy customer with empowered, self-sufficient users that can effectively leverage the technology you provide requires a sound onboarding strategy. To accomplish this, there are several critical elements to consider from which you can build a strategy to best support your customers and ultimately improve their satisfaction.…

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