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Localization Solutions Made Easy

Most agree that remote collaboration is here to stay. So it’s more important than ever that no matter who uses your product or where they are from, they can find training and support in a language native to them. Failing to provide product marketing, or training and support solutions in…
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B-Lynk Announces Expanded Platform & Partner Services

We’re excited to announce the expansion of B-Lynk’s platform and partner services with the creation of a new division. We aim to partner with additional cloud platforms to develop training and support solutions that increase adoption and improve user satisfaction.…
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Tips for Making User Guides Friendly

The rising demand of self-service support solutions means the long-winded, boring, and overly technical user manual you provide won’t cut it with today’s users. Knowing what to avoid, and best practices for creating effective, engaging user guides for your product or service will your give end users a resource to…
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Product Marketing Videos to Simplify Your Complex Product

UC products are complex, and trying to communicate their features and benefits can often be overwhelming for the person explaining as well as the person trying to understand. Product marketing video is a smart way for UC companies to simplify their complex products for those who are just getting introduced…
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Reducing Tier 1 Support Costs with a Robust Self-Service Solution

Calling the help desk may seem like the fastest way to identify and solve a technology problem. But the reality is this approach to customer support is costly and often causes more frustration than assistance. Instead, using a customized support site can provide the value and answers your customers are…
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Essential Elements of an Effective Discovery Meeting

Most sales leaders agree that the most important customer interaction is the first one – the discovery meeting. It can make or break a customer relationship. While discovery calls have historically been seller-centric, these days customers need things to be more about them, understandably so. What makes a discovery call…

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