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Training Your Channel Partners for Success

The potential for UCaaS sales growth between now and 2026 is looking good for service providers. For those who want to tap into the current and upcoming growth, a network of channel partners can help you scale your opportunity for sales, but setting them up for success with the right…
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4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Customers Engaged

Acquiring new customers is one thing, but once you have them, retaining them by keeping them engaged is key. If you want your customers and end-users to continue finding value in your products and services over time, you have to continue providing value in unique, fresh ways. Whether through email…
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7 Mid-Summer Tips to Help Your End-Users Work Remote

With travel restrictions eased, those traveling on the rise and employers embracing remote working, this summer could see more people working remotely while traveling than ever before. As a UC service provider, you can give your customer’s end-users valuable tips to help them leverage their communication and collaboration tools to…
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B-Lynk Launches New Training and Support Content Solution One-Lynk

Digital content enablement and training company B-Lynk has recently announced the launch of a new content experience solution, One-Lynk, that provides access to dynamic collections of user and training content with a branded site experience.…
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Competing in the UC Customer Experience Space

Demand in the collaboration and communications space has led to more competition among businesses providing these solutions. It’s not enough to just have a great product anymore. Customers have high expectations for a positive experience throughout the process from the first discovery session through continued support so it’s more important…
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You’ve Onboarded Your Customer. Now What?

What should come after onboarding a new customer? Ongoing, effective training and support. Introductory training brings new hires up to speed, but information in the mind decays over time if it’s not utilized frequently enough, and that’s exactly what can happen without an ongoing training program in place. The best…

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