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Our virtual training service equips your technical administrators and end users with the necessary skills to efficiently perform critical tasks during their onboarding and get them started with your service. With interactive sessions and using your customer's instance of your product, admin, and end users gain hands-on experience, reducing time spent on troubleshooting and increasing productivity. We offer sessions in a variety of formats to fit your customer onboarding process.

General Sessions

If you are looking for a place to point your customers to for training as part of their onboarding experience or even ongoing experience, B-Lynk's general session format is the perfect fit.

These sessions are great for handling common questions that would otherwise land in a support ticket with your customer service team. In this format, any pre-registered, authorized customer can join at any time during their customer journey. If you are simply looking to check the training box and offload training-related support calls, this format is for you.

Custom Pre-Activation

These sessions are delivered one on one with your customer to ensure they know how to use and manage your product within their specific environment. Custom sessions are ordered by your implementation team through our easy online scheduling platform. Our trainers tailor these session agendas to meet their specific training needs ensuring we cover only the features and services they have subscribed to, reducing customer confusion and information overload. We prepare ahead by reviewing their assigned and provisioned setup, making this a productive and effective session for your customer. Say goodbye to boring canned demos!

Custom Post-Activation

We understand that end user implementations can be complicated, and the first two weeks post-activation is when customers have the most questions, require changes, and need assistance in using their new service and features. Our post-activation support service is designed to provide a buffer between the customer’s activation and your tier 1 customer support team. Our trainers are available to answer feature questions and assist with making tweaks to call routing and system configuration changes. This service will get your customers through that sometimes bumpy road.

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