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Product adoption directly impacts the experience your customers have with your service. The more familiar your users are with  features, services and tools, the more likely they are to have a positive customer experience. B-Lynk is here to help drive adoption with custom virtual sessions and online chat support. Our team of cloud services experts provide both general end user training resources and can work with service providers to create custom end-user training programs tailored to your client’s needs that will help ensure your end users’ post-launch success using new or updated features and services, as well as increase product adoption and improve your customer’s experience.

The Customer Lifecycle

Where does live training fit?

Virtual Training

The ability for your customer’s users to effectively work from home and also manage their communications systems remotely couldn’t be more important. B-Lynk’s virtual training webinars will provide them with the training they need - wherever they are. Our team of experienced Cloud UC trainers deliver a variety of session types, including custom 1:1 sessions with your customers or ongoing weekly sessions to assist any customer at any time.

All training sessions will be customized to your Cloud UC products and delivered from your branded portals and applications. All custom sessions can be booked online by your implementation team and are tailored to meet the news of your customer and the services they have subscribed to.

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Chat Support

B-Lynk’s trainers can also be found behind the scenes staffing our end user chat support service and providing on demand answers to frequently asked questions from your customer end users.

Our experience trainers are there to help support your end customers, reduce calls to customer service and provide a plethora of knowledge for end users that are stuck and need help quickly.

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You can take it one step further and bundle our virtual training videos with our custom branded portal and you will have a top-notch blended learning program that delivers RESULTS.

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