3 Ways to Ensure Your UC Sales Team Training Produces Results

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One of the main differences between selling a product and selling a solution is the concept of a needs analysis and asking questions to understand the customer’s business goals. However, another significant component is client education.

For a potential customer to get fully on board with a new technological solution, they need to be certain it will solve their problems in a cost-effective way. By asking questions and educating them on the ins and outs of your UC collaboration tools that can serve them right now, you can improve your sales team’s closing rate.

But as Albert Einstein put it, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

When your sales team is still struggling to understand your newly launched or relaunched product themselves, they won’t be able to properly communicate all that it has to offer during customer discovery.

If you want to ensure your UC sales team is producing results, equip them with robust training options so they feel confident, knowledgeable, and ready to sell.

Give your UC sales team the support they need to exceed their quota every time. Evaluate your current training strategy and empower your sales team with the training and support tips below.

Seizing the UC Opportunities

Now is the time to take it up a notch in terms of training. With companies all over the world adjusting to new WFH models and restructuring how they collaborate and communicate during the pandemic, UC companies are seeing an explosion in the need for these kinds of tools.

Back in March, Cisco’s Webex product ran over 5.5 billion meetings within the first 11 days of the month alone. That was just a taste of the growing need to come over the past several months that is still expanding today.

This increased need for UC products means it’s absolutely crucial to have your best and brightest sales teams on the floor to educate potential clients and close those deals. To keep your sales teams sharp and on the ball, you need a successful training program.

Components of Successful UC Sales Training

Help your sales teams put their best foot forward on customer discovery calls by providing all the components they need to be successful in closing deals on your behalf:

1. Provide Educational, Empowering Training Content

You need to create training content that educates and empowers your salesmen and women. If the content is too high-level or created as more of a briefing and overview document than anything else, it will be difficult for your sales-focused team to digest it. Educational tools like how-tos, FAQ guides, webinars, and video tutorials can go a long way in speeding up adoption and expertise. Be sure to include these in your training content.

2. Make It Accessible

Deliver the content in a format your sales team can understand and access wherever they are, at any time. If you provide a great instructional tool for one-time teaching, there’s always a risk that your salespeople will only remember what they take note of. By keeping your content available to your sales team long after initial training is complete, you give them the opportunity to double-check critical details and refresh themselves on the content as time goes on. Keeping everything in one central location becomes incredibly helpful—especially for your ROI.

3. Offer Support Tools and Resources

If your sales team is struggling to understand something about your product or service, there’s a chance your target market might also be confused. Create support tools they can use to comprehend new material for themselves and then re-use to help close a deal. With something as simple as sending a quick how-to video to your customer during their discovery call, they can clear up any confusion and reinforce the benefits of your offer.

UC Training that Produces Results

Whether you’re prepping the team for a new launch or relaunch, get your salespeople up to speed and closing deals fast with the help of B-Lynk’s Sales Training solutions. Tailor your content for sales and help your representatives become subject matter experts through on-site programs, elearning courses, or video training—whatever works best for your products and your team.

B-Lynk’s flexible training options allow for interactive training through on-site administrators, online courses, or video explainers to close any learning gaps your team may have before they start converting customers. Additionally, our Learning Management System integration keeps all the resources you could need to close a deal available at your fingertips whenever needed.

Before you know it, they’ll be educating and empowering the customer to feel confident about their buying decision like a true expert.

Request more information about our training options today.