Amplify Your Call Center Training

Customer service can make or break a company. If it’s good, a business can create a loyal band of followers, but if it’s bad, customers won’t think twice about switching providers.

Are your customers’ Call Center agents setting the right tone as the “front door” of the business, or is there room for improvement?
We’ll share some of the ways your customers can provide better training for their call center solutions, including engagement tricks, collaboration strategies and more.

3 Tips to Make the Most of Webex® for Broadworks

The Webex® for Broadworks app offers enterprise-calling features and enhanced collaboration tools to help your customers call, meet, and get work done regardless of location or time. It allows users to manage all of their work-related conversations from one convenient platform.

But do your users really know how to use it?

In this article, we’ll provide a few tips for your users to leverage all the Webex® for Broadworks App has to offer.

Best Practices for Live Virtual Training

With so much of the current workforce distributed or working from home today, meeting virtually has become necessary—for conferences, meetings, and even training.

Virtual training can be recorded or live, but live virtual training offers the benefits of real-time interaction and engagement that pre-recorded sessions can’t provide.

Live virtual training can set your users up for success by putting them in a digital classroom environment where they can talk directly to an expert on your product offering, ask questions, and review topics as needed to ensure a solid understanding.

Helping Customers Overcome Cloud Networking Challenges

With more and more applications taking place beyond an enterprises’ own network, cloud networking is becoming the new core of any enterprise, as you have likely seen with clients.

As you propose this offering to clients, consider the benefits that cloud networking offers. What benefits speak to your client’s pain points most directly, and how you can turn them into talking points to help close the deal?

Why Training is Essential to Your Contact Center Offering

78% of American consumers expect their complex issues to be solved after speaking to just one person. A whopping 86 percent expect seamless transitions between channels during a service conversation, and another 92 percent would abandon a brand after two to three negative experiences.

The expectations are high, making training essential from the very beginning of a contact center build.

So what makes contact center expectations different from the days of the traditional call center, and how can proper training cover these new complexities to create a team of agents that is intelligent, adaptable, and efficient?

VoIP Business is Booming: How Training Solutions Can Help You Handle the Surge of New Customers


After weathering through an average industry growth rate of –1.9 percent between 2015 and 2020, the VoIP industry has seen a monumental increase just this year. Due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and increased remote working, VoIP revenue has seen a whopping 8.3 percent growth rate in 2020 alone.

Despite current economic conditions that have strained many companies and industries, the VoIP business is booming. As a result, many firms are dealing with a surge of new customers.

Self-Service Support Has Become the Standard. Are You Falling Behind?

Self-service is outgrowing other sectors of customer support and becoming the main player in the field.

Today’s world demands information at our fingertips. Especially as so many employees continue to work from home, users want answers to their questions quickly and they don’t want to have to rely on someone else to get it.

Are your support solutions failing to meet their needs?

3 Ways to Scale Customer Education of Cloud Products

As we shift toward a WFH-friendly business landscape and lean away from on-site computing infrastructure, we have seen a tremendous and continued shift to the cloud for businesses of all sizes. 

But is your sales team capitalizing on this opportunity to convert? 

Educating your customers is key to closing the deal and transitioning your customers to the cloud.

Microlearning – What It Is & How it Can Boost Training Retention


In an era of short attention spans and overflowing schedules, microlearning is a near-perfect model for employee training and support.

So, what exactly is microlearning, and what benefits does it offer when used in employee training programs? And how can including microlearning elements in your training solutions boost retention among users?