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The training team here at B-Lynk are pros that can get your users up to speed on your features and services. Our customized Webinars are great for anyone that prefers to interact with an instructor; these virtual training sessions are also the perfect companion to our eLearning modules – allowing users the opportunity to further explore topics in a live Q&A with our certified Instructors. You can order sessions using our on-line scheduling tool or simply set them up in advance. Our trainers use your customized portals and applications to deliver real-time training and take questions from attendees about the lesson material covered.

Webinar Delivery Options

end user training

Recurring Scheduled Sessions

This solution is a great fit if you are looking to point your end users to a training calendar with repeat sessions each month. Which allows send-users the ability to attend sessions on their schedule.

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end user training

On-Demand Custom Sessions

These sessions are a perfect fit for that one-off customer you’ve signed that needs some TLC. We can provide custom sessions that review only the services and features that they have purchased.

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Webinars are a great way for your client’s employees to get the training they need wherever they are, with the benefits of a Certified Instructor guiding you through the entire session! Paired with your custom presentation, end-users have the ability to continue education and training with a Live Q&A! Which allows the end-user to be sure they understand the material, and to be a more confident/productive employee! Each Webinar is fully customizable to your specific brand according to your corporate style guide and the Certified Instructor will teach on behalf of your company! A complete White Labeled Service. All Webinars and eLearning modules are stored on our Smart-Lynk Training Portal!

Developing the training content agendas

Scheduling and creating sessions

Delivering the training sessions

Providing post-training feedback

Did you know that Smart-Lynk can includes Webinar Training?

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With Smart-Lynk Cloud Services

Your customized and branded training portal can be live in just two weeks – plus, it will come packed full of features and support that educate and empower your team. Including, but not limited to: video training, webinars and automatic monthly reporting. Did we mention that it’s created, customized and managed?

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