Kick Off 2023 Sales Efforts With a Bang

With 2023 sales kickoffs just around the corner, now’s the time to get effective training in place to equip your sales teams with the intimate knowledge of the product itself but also of the value and function of the product for its users.

B-Lynk’s sales eLearning courses can train UC and cloud communications sales teams to be more effective than ever in 2023 by highlighting what the products solve for over just features. With this knowledge and understanding, your sales teams will better communicate these use cases and the direct value of your solution to potential customers, closing more deals.

Product Marketing Videos to Simplify Your Complex Product

Animated graphic of a computer with video site up on screen and video play buttons popping out

UC products are complex, and trying to communicate their features and benefits can often be overwhelming for the person explaining as well as the person trying to understand.

Product marketing video is a smart way for UC companies to simplify their complex products for those who are just getting introduced and can be utilized internally for sales meetings or externally to end users as part of a new product launch campaign.