Kick Off 2023 Sales Efforts With a Bang

Helping customers find real value in your products and services in 2023 is imperative. As businesses look for ways to trim budgets to stay lean, your sales team must demonstrate to potential customers the distinct ways your solutions solve problems, make their operations easier, and support productivity if they want to close the deal.

With 2023 sales kickoffs just around the corner, now’s the time to get effective training in place to equip your sales teams with the intimate knowledge of the product itself but also of the value and function of the product for its users.

B-Lynk’s sales eLearning courses can train UC and cloud communications sales teams to be more effective than ever in 2023 by highlighting what the products solve for over just features. With this knowledge and understanding, your sales teams will better communicate these use cases and the direct value of your solution to potential customers, closing more deals.

A New Year Equals New Opportunities and Goals

Q1 is a fresh slate for sales departments, with sales teams feeling refreshed from the holidays and ready to tackle the new year’s goals with enthusiasm. It’s the perfect time to revisit your training efforts to better align with your new goals and new opportunities on the horizon.

When selling cloud communications solutions today, it’s not enough to just list the features on discovery calls. If closing the deal is the goal, it requires not only a deep familiarity with the product itself but also an understanding of how to illustrate to customers the specific ways the product will solve their everyday problems, such as long call queues or an overwhelming demand for online support. Your training should reflect this, educating sales teams with specific examples they can share during discovery meetings.

The most successful sales teams in 2023 will be the ones that can accomplish this by making direct connections between their products’ features and the specific use case it supports. You can set your sales team up for this success by integrating these specific talking points into your sales kickoff training.

Your Sales Team’s Secret Weapon

B-Lynk’s eLearning courses for sales teams can take your 2023 numbers to the next level. Rather than just focus on the features of your product, our customized eLearning training courses are solution-focused, providing specific use cases and demonstrating how they solve common problems and improve productivity.

The goal of B-Lynk’s sales eLearning courses is not only to help reps become stronger product experts but also to help them become experts in the specific problems that your potential customers are facing. They teach sales reps how to communicate the value message of your product, going beyond just listing features and allowing them to make direct connections between the features and the use cases for each.

B-Lynk’s sales eLearning courses are affordable and available with a quick turnaround, and you can opt for localized content in any language you may need to sell to anyone, anywhere. They’re an easy, effective way to prepare your team to meet and exceed your 2023 sales goals.

Get onboard with B-Lynk now to get eLearning courses specific to your product to prepare for your sales kickoff in Q1. Contact us to get started.