Product Marketing Videos to Simplify Your Complex Product

Animated graphic of a computer with video site up on screen and video play buttons popping out

Video is becoming one of the most effective forms of marketing today – customers no longer see it as an added bonus, now they’ve come to expect videos from the brands they love.

According to Hubspot research, more than half of consumers want to see videos from brands over any other kind of content.

Video has been quickly integrated into the marketing strategies of many consumer goods and retail brands, but companies that offer more complex products or services also have a powerful opportunity to leverage video to enhance their marketing.

Product marketing video is a smart way for UC companies to simplify their complex products for those who are just getting introduced and can be utilized internally for sales meetings or externally to end users as part of a new product launch campaign.

With 75 million people watching online videos in the U.S.every day, it just makes sense to give the people what they want.

The Effectiveness of Video

The truth of the matter is that if you’re not using video, you’re already behind. Today, 81% of businesses are using video in their marketing strategy. Even still, it’s never too late to jump in – the earlier, the better.

Video isn’t simply being introduced because marketers or users like it, they’re introducing it because it works. As high as 97% of marketers claim that using videos has helped their customers better understand products.

When what you offer is a bit complicated, or harder to understand at first, video can come in and save the day. For example, UC products are complex, and trying to communicate their features and benefits can often be overwhelming for the person explaining as well as the person trying to understand.

Video is a great way to introduce someone to a new UC product in a way they’re familiar with and can easily grasp.

Product Marketing Videos

Product marketing video specifically serves as a tool to help simplify complex products and demonstrate benefits as well as features in a short clip. These videos can serve as demos of a new UC product or feature, sharing an engaging product story that demonstrates how it functions, what impact it has, and how it would be helpful to the viewer. It touches on the most common pain points and focuses on how specific features can solve them, highlighting your software’s solution.

A product video differs from a branded video in that it focuses on a product or service and its benefit rather than the brand or company image as a whole. It also differs from a screencast demo video because it doesn’t rely on a screen share of someone’s computer to walk through how the product works. Instead, a product video engages users and helps them learn what a product does and why they need it.

It should include plenty of product photography or video clips, a CTA to learn more or get started, social proof such as positive testimonials, and a taste of your unique brand personality.

Leverage the Power of Product Marketing Videos with B-Lynk

Product marketing videos can help simplify a complex product or service in a fun, engaging, and quick way. At B-Lynk, we help our clients produce product marketing videos that tell their product story, explain its features, and connect the dots between how these features can impact the users’ lives.

We focus on creating fast-paced clips between 30-90 seconds, as videos in this range and up to two minutes long have shown the most engagement. Our videos include custom graphics in an easy-to-understand format with helpful voiceover dialogue to best explain your offering and its benefits.

These videos become powerful marketing tools that can be used in a variety of ways to introduce a new product with maximum impact. They can be leveraged as part of a sales meeting with potential customers or rolled out to introduce your end users to a new feature or update.

If you want to harness the impact of product video marketing to enhance your marketing efforts, get in touch with B-Lynk to create great product marketing videos that simplify your product in the most impactful way.