Adoption & Support Content for CPaaS Products

CPaaS, while powerful in nature and the “behind the scenes” key to many business changing communication applications, can’t stop with the cool tech. To be a successful B2B SaaS company, your customers must have positive experiences with the solutions developed from your products. If you want end-users to understand how to use your products to achieve their goals, you must give them effective adoption content.

It’s a chain reaction that you, as a CPaaS provider, can initiate and is becoming increasingly important as the CPaaS market continues to expand. Partnering with professional CX and adoption services firms allows you to not only take your applications to market, but drives usage customer satisfaction ratings.

In 2021, the market grew by nearly 40%, mainly driven by the pandemic and new workplace norms (read: WFH) that required new technologies. Since then, the market hasn’t slowed down much, with a predicted annual growth rate of 30%, leading the CPaaS industry to reach a projected $62.54 billion market cap in 2029.

Creating adoption content now makes it simple to equip your customers with the resources they need to hit the ground running using your products. As business picks up, you’ll be able to provide this content to your customers seamlessly, creating a better customer experience that ultimately reflects well on you.

The Value of Adoption Content for the Customer Experience

The only true method to improve customer adoption is providing a great customer experience, but there are a few different ways to go about it. If the end users aren’t adopting your technology, they might need support to get there. Providing adoption content with help from B-Lynk is an easy lift and a great way to improve your customers’ experience with your company and product.

Adoption is the first of four stages of the post-purchase customer journey. It leads to retention, expansion, and, eventually, advocacy for your product. If users never pass the adoption stage, they’ll never get to the following stages, which can negatively impact their customer experience. By giving users the content they need to adopt your product successfully, you set them up for continued success for the rest of their journey.

Adoption content also establishes your products’ value for users and its beneficiaries, whether they’re users themselves or those impacted by the change, like their customers. They’ll see how your products improve their workflows and increase productivity and will view your products in a higher regard, taking full advantage of them to find new efficiencies.

The Missing Piece of the Adoption Puzzle

As CPaaS providers prioritize adoption content more highly, a common challenge is providing up-to-date content, which can be expensive and overwhelming, particularly for custom products. But with a partner like B-Lynk, keeping your users up-to-date on all changes and new launches becomes effortless.

B-Lynk can create (and update) adoption support content for CPaaS providers to include as part of your offer to potential customers. We offer a range of products with digital content that can be customized to your APIs to teach users what to expect and how to use your products to achieve desired business results.

B-Lynk products valuable to CPaaS providers include:

  • One-Lynk: Branded site experience with dynamic collections of content
  • Smart-Lynk: Customized training portal to educate and empower users
  • Smart-Books: Interactive, searchable digital books of content
  • Videos: How-to videos, product marketing, and product tutorials
  • User Guides & FAQs: Tutorials, articles, and common questions and answers

Interested in elevating your product offering to include adoption content tailored to your customer’s unique journey? Reach out to our team to learn more or create a package of products that works for you.