Onboard Key Staff Quickly with Customized Training Sessions

On an employee’s first day, training is typically the top priority to get the new team member up to speed and familiar with the tools and programs they’ll be using daily. Having a strong onboarding strategy will enhance the process, making it run smoother and equip the new employee with the skills and understanding they need to hit the ground running as soon as possible.

But when certain key team members first start, a general onboarding training program often won’t cut it. Customized training sessions for these key players can bridge the gap, providing the specific education they need to quickly adopt new technologies so they can get to work quickly.

Growth, Turnover Make for Constant New Hires

In business, the reality is that new hires will never stop, whether due to turnover or growth.

Turnover is a natural part of business, but due to circumstances such as the “Great Resignation”, some companies have seen more of it as of late. According to a study conducted by HireVue, 55% of respondents are reporting higher turnover rates in 2022, and economists expect this trend to continue at least through the year.

Yet, on the other side of that coin, employees that are leaving old jobs are being onboarded at new ones, and many employers are dealing with higher onboarding rates than they may have been used to in earlier years.

In addition to the new hires that come as a result of turnover, there will also be incoming employees due to growth. When a business is scaling, adding new locations or sites, they’ll need to welcome new employees who will all need onboarding at once.

The Need for Customized Training for New Employees

A comprehensive generalized onboarding training often leaves gaps, especially when considering the training for key employees in administrative roles. These select team members still need structured training on these tasks and responsibilities.

For example, a new office manager that completed your general training program may still have questions about how to complete a specific, but important task that is relevant to them but not important enough to have been included in general training, such as updating an auto-attendant.

A Bespoke Solution for End-User Training

To address this real need facing many modern businesses, B-Lynk provides customized training sessions designed with these specialty employees, like administrators, in mind. With fully tailored content that can walk through specific actions or responsibilities, these custom training sessions can complete the onboarding experience and create confident, empowered users.

Employees can supplement their general training program with these specially-made training sessions to complete the education needed to do their jobs well and with ease. Once finished, they can always go back and access their customized training to refresh their memory or find specific answers as challenges arise.

New employees need to feel supported and empowered to use the systems your customers rely on every day. When generalized training falls short, look to B-Lynk for bespoke training sessions designed specifically to meet their needs. Contact B-Lynk’s training experts to learn more about how our customized training sessions can meet your users’ needs.