Simplifying a Transition to Cloud Communications with Effective Training Solutions

cloud communications training

Cloud computing is taking over, whether we’re ready or not.

From 2017 to 2019, public cloud adoption was steadily increasing. Then, in 2020, the unexpected and massive shift to remote worker connectivity created an even bigger push, causing companies on the fence to make the switch in order to support their rapidly changing workforce.

Many of the systems that lend themselves best to the cloud are not specialty systems used only by a small team or two, they are large systems used daily by all participants in the organization. Replacing these major systems can lead to confusion and resistance, which can hinder company-wide productivity during the transition period.

When transitioning to cloud-based communications, it’s critical to create a plan around user adoption and how you can support it. This requires effective training that both engages users and empowers them to develop their skills with new platforms.

Training that includes simplified content that is easily accessible, as well as support solutions that make it easy to find the answers they are looking for, will help minimize user frustration and abandonment, making for a much more successful transition.

Shifting to The Cloud: Trends and Challenges

Since the shift to cloud computing and communications has been a long time coming, we’ve seen the challenges that routinely arise when anyone, from small businesses to large enterprises, make the move over.

These challenges include things like cost optimization, insufficient cloud skills among users, and rapid deployment leading to a training gap.

As far as cost optimization goes, Gartner forecasters believe that nearly all legacy systems migrated to the public cloud will need optimization in order to become cost-effective through the year 2024.

In the case of insufficient cloud skills among users, what we often see is that the users are utilizing their cloud communications infrastructure inefficiently due to an immaturity in their skill sets. Compared to how they used legacy infrastructure, they’re much less efficient and confident in the tools and systems they’re using.

The demand for these products and services is so high that it also creates a market training gap because in-house IT experts cannot get people trained as fast as companies are migrating.

The Impact of Training

Specialized training can make a big difference in easing the three challenges mentioned above and smoothing the transition to the cloud for your customers.

By creating more empowered users it means your product offerings are being used more efficiently, making them more cost-effective. It educates the users before they have to switch gears entirely, and it takes the burden off of IT staff to provide this education.

Good training should include both the “how” and the “why” so users are painted a full picture of the reasoning for the switch and the ways this switch will make their jobs easier.

The most effective training programs will focus on how users can utilize the various capabilities and features. It should also expound upon the benefits of the new UC solution they’ll gain when using it.

When the workers clearly understand the value that the new infrastructure brings to their everyday work, they’ll be more likely to adopt it into their routines which improves customer satisfaction and retention.

Cloud Training Services With B-Lynk

The very best thing you can do when transitioning your customers to the cloud? Look for a partner that can smooth out the bumps in the road and ensure your end-users are equipped with the skills they need to use the new infrastructure effectively.

Your customers are likely to face some challenges and specific training needs that may be too big for the team you have in-house. When you find a trusted, experienced cloud services partner like the team of experts at B-Lynk, you can take advantage of our skills, tools, and specific experience training and educating new and existing users.

Our training solutions can help you simplify the transition to cloud communications and add value to your migration process. From virtual user training webinars to Smart-Lynk, our custom training portal tailored to your product offer, B-Lynk has the specialized, agile, and on-demand training and support content your customers will value when making the major transition from legacy to cloud infrastructure.

To get started with B-Lynk and get one step closer to a seamless cloud migration, contact our team today.