Guide Features

Guide Features
Print Function Article Title Breadcrumb Links Introduction Verbiage Table of Contents Anchor Links Instructional Visual Back to Top Related Articles Section Instructional Verbiage

Print Function

This button allows users to print the guide and share it if needed.

Article Title

This location holds the title of the current article that the user is on.

Breadcrumb Links

These breadcrumbs make it easy for the user to know where they are on the site and for quick navigation.

Introduction Verbiage

Place and introduction into your article for your users

Table of Contents Anchor Links

Here is a an easy to use table of contents with anchor links to section.

Instructional Visual

In article content, we can place media such as Images, Gifs, and Videos.

Back to Top

Any easy back-to-top button reveals as the user scrolls down the page, allowing them quick access back to the top.

Related Articles Section

A section for related quick article access.

Instructional Verbiage

Article content to explain step-by-step processes to help your users.