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B-Lynk’s training services are designed to help you provide an outstanding customer experience during implementation. Our virtual training session options will help your users get up to speed quickly and efficiently, by talking to a live trainer. We offer various session types covering your specific product offering. Click here to view our list to training topics, features, services and cloud applications that we train on.

Webinar Delivery Options

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Recurring Sessions

Recurring Sessions are a great option if you are looking to point your end users to a calendar with repeat session topics, such as “How to Use Your Cisco 7800 Phone and Set Up Voicemail” or “How to Manage Users and Services as an Administrator” . These sessions are typically open to all of your customers and do require session registration.

In addition to delivering the training, we will develop the training presentations and customize them to your offering and brand.

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end user training

Custom Sessions

Custom virtual training sessions are delivered one on one with your end customer. Our trainers tailor these session agendas to meet their specific training needs. We cover only the features and services that they have subscribed to and prepare ahead of the session by reviewing their call flows and current system set up.

We act as an extension of your customer’s onboarding experience. These sessions are ordered by your implementation team through our easy online ordering system. Custom sessions are a great way to get your customers started off on the right foot during implementation, setting them up for ongoing success and customer satisfaction.

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We understand that end user implementations can be complicated and the first 2 weeks post-install is where customers have the most questions, require changes and need assistance in using their new service and features. Our Post-Install support service is designed to provide a buffer between the customer’s install and your Tier 1 Customer Support team. Our trainers are available to answer feature questions, assist with making tweaks to call routing and system configuration changes. This service will get your customers through that sometimes bumpy road.

Developing the training content agendas

Scheduling and creating sessions

Delivering the training sessions

Providing post-training feedback


Did you know that Smart-Lynk can includes Virtual Training?

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With Smart-Lynk Cloud Services

Your customized and branded training portal can be live in just two weeks – plus, it will come packed full of features and support that educate and empower your team. Including, but not limited to: video training, webinars and automatic monthly reporting. Did we mention that it’s created, customized and managed?

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