How GIFs Can Help Ease the Burden of Constant Product Updates

While GIFs were once the hallmark of internet memes and fun marketing graphics, they’ve now evolved into a usable form of media for complex instructional content that can help businesses explain how-tos in a more digestible, visual way.

Using GIFs as an alternative to video to explain your product or train and support your end users can be a faster and more affordable way to keep up with product updates.

Training End Users on Your Networking Hardware Products

Woman adjusting wireless router

Today’s ever-changing software and applications for communication and collaboration seem exciting and impressive, but the networking hardware essential to these solutions is often overlooked. The reality is, without these physical products in place, none of the cloud communications tools your users rely on day in and day out would be available.

To empower your end-users and give them more freedom and control over their cloud communications, training them on your networking hardware products is just as important as training for software.