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Large Enterprise ยท Call Center & Contact Center

Our on-site training service provides your enterprise or contact center customers with a more hands on learning experience. Our dedicated team of trainers will work with you to develop a top notch experience for you most exclusive, and at time complex customers.

on-site training

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Large Enterprise

Large Enterprise End Customers often require a dedicated resource to be on-site for training during or just after the implementation. These enterprises often have 100s-1000 or users and require another level of support to get them started.

Our team of on-site trainers will deliver a tailored training solution while giving them the attention they need in person.

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end user training

Call Center & Contact Center

Whether your customer has a small call center using the BroadWorks or Webex Calling platform or they have a large Webex Contact Center deployment, we can help ensure their implementation goes smoothly. Our team of specialized Call Center and Webex Contact Center trainers will work with agents, supervisors and administrators to teach them how to use their new applications and manage their call routing and provisioning features.

Let our trainers do the work for you to ensure this set of valuable customers can embrace all the great features and services you are offering and support themselves on their own.

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You can take it one step further and bundle our on-site sessions with our sales and product training videos and you will have a top-notch blended learning program that delivers RESULTS.

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