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The Smart-Lynk Service Representative will be responsible for managing Smart-Lynk Service requests, implementing requested changes and communicating status to the customer.

Duties and Responsibilities

With their customer experience and friendly approach to solving problems, managing feedback and implementing change, the Smart-Lynk Service Representative will:

  • Follow up and respond quickly to all Smart-Lynk Service Requests.
  • Complete the service requests on the customer’s Smart-Lynk site directly, or work with the Design and Development team to implement the change.
  • Communicate early and often with the client, keeping them informed of the status of their request.
  • Deliver Smart-Lynk demos and present solutions to Smart-Lynk Prospects.
  • When necessary, collaborate with the Design Team to create and develop custom solutions for clients.
  • Update and maintain current sales pipeline in

Preferred Qualifications

  • Subject matter expert level knowledge of BroadSoft’s End User Applications, Portals and Features. (UC-One, Group and User Level Features, Call Center)


  • Subject matter expert level knowledge of Unified Communications applications, or cloud based communications systems (any platform).

Required Qualifications

  • Tech saavy… who isn’t?
  • Basic WordPress skills.
  • Must be a good active listener.
  • A curious, self-starter.


  • Tampa Bay area – FL

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