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Often UC service providers spend a lot of resources providing ongoing end user support. And keeping content up to date for ever-evolving technology can be a challenge. If this sounds familiar to you, we can help. B-Lynk’s Broadsoft™ platform training and support solutions empowers your end users by providing a self-service alternative, taking the burden out of your hands and freeing you and your team to focus on your core business. And because all content is managed by the B-Lynk team of cloud SME’s, you never have to worry about keeping it updated with the most recent product changes. 

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Short videos are a great option to explain simple actions users can take to get up and running. You can choose from white-labeled video options to fully custom videos. From setting up voicemail to forwarding a phone, if your client is new to Broadsoft™, our how-to videos will get them acquainted quickly.

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Tutorials, User Guides, FAQs

End users will find helpful resources within our library of tutorials regarding best practices and frequently asked questions. B-Lynk's library of articles walk users through how to set up basic BroadSoft™ platform applications such as resetting a voicemail password and much more.

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Our end user support solutions include an extensive collection of documents, videos and tutorials on the Broadsoft™ platform that have been designed and written for training and support purposes. Content is readily available for end users just getting started or who need a refresher and we create content in various formats to meet the needs of all learner types. Our variety of end user support options ensure we can meet your clients’ needs and your budget.


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