Help Ensure Your Customers Can Weather the Storm

As much as we wish they weren’t, natural disasters are a part of life. We learned this all too well recently when Hurricane Ian made landfall as a Category 4 storm just south of our headquarters in Tampa.

Thankfully, we were prepared. Having the right plan in place can make a world of a difference and those plans should include communication planning and expectations for both employees and customers. We’re sharing some ways we leveraged UC tools when Hurricane Ian threatened our Florida team and some benefits that UC Cloud Tools can offer your customers during disaster recovery.

7 Mid-Summer Tips to Help Your End-Users Work Remote

Image of woman on laptop sitting by pool

With travel restrictions eased, those traveling on the rise and employers embracing remote working, this summer could see more people working remotely while traveling than ever before. As a UC service provider, you can give your customer’s end-users valuable tips to help them leverage their communication and collaboration tools to become more efficient while working remote this summer, or to help create boundaries and set up for success when going totally out-of-office.

Self-Service Support Has Become the Standard. Are You Falling Behind?

Self-service is outgrowing other sectors of customer support and becoming the main player in the field.

Today’s world demands information at our fingertips. Especially as so many employees continue to work from home, users want answers to their questions quickly and they don’t want to have to rely on someone else to get it.

Are your support solutions failing to meet their needs?

How WFH Changed How We Looked at UC Training & Support

uc training

A self-service support platform empowers users to learn how to manage their UC services and communications devices from anywhere in real time, without having to contact their IT department or ultimately the service provider for support.

4 Ways UC Providers Can Increase WFH Productivity

WFH productivity

Video Calls. Lunch break away messages. Virtual check-ins. Work is looking a lot different these days. With 88 percent of organizations either encouraging or requiring employees to work from home since the onset of COVID-19, the current workforce is facing a major shift in how they get things done. As a UC provider, you can help make this transition a …