3 Ways to Scale Customer Education of Cloud Products

As we shift toward a WFH-friendly business landscape and lean away from on-site computing infrastructure, we have seen a tremendous and continued shift to the cloud for businesses of all sizes. 

But is your sales team capitalizing on this opportunity to convert? 

Educating your customers is key to closing the deal and transitioning your customers to the cloud.

Microlearning – What It Is & How it Can Boost Training Retention


In an era of short attention spans and overflowing schedules, microlearning is a near-perfect model for employee training and support.

So, what exactly is microlearning, and what benefits does it offer when used in employee training programs? And how can including microlearning elements in your training solutions boost retention among users?

Take the Burden of UC End-User Support Off Your IT Department

it team

IT teams help small businesses and enterprise organizations alike keep their computer, network and telecommunications systems in good shape. When technology problems arise as they inevitably do, they’re there to save the day in ways that only IT teams can.

So it’s not surprising that when users run into issues with their UC solutions, often the IT department becomes the go-to for support. And users run into issues frequently.

Diversify Customer Support and Training Methods to Improve Engagement

Learners prefer to receive information in different ways, which requires training and support content in various forms to improve end-user engagement and knowledge retention. To help your customers improve their work performance, speed up product adoption, and boost overall engagement, here’s why it’s crucial to create a broad training program that meets learners where they are.

Creating UC Training & Support Solutions that are Agile

UC Training and Support

As we’ve already seen in recent months, the businesses that have been the most successful during this unique and challenging time are those who have been the most agile and adaptive.

In order to maintain that level of success in the coming months, UC training and support solutions need to be created in a way that allows for quick updates to address the ever-changing needs of the business landscape as we navigate this “new normal.”

How WFH Changed How We Looked at UC Training & Support

uc training

A self-service support platform empowers users to learn how to manage their UC services and communications devices from anywhere in real time, without having to contact their IT department or ultimately the service provider for support.

How Training and Support Options Can Help Close a Deal

training support

The trend is clear – video learning is more engaging, and it helps users remember useful information within the content. If you’re struggling to facilitate product adoption among your UC end users or simply want to boost retention, finding a way to integrate video into your training is critical.

Here’s why you should be using video for your end user development and how to do so in the most effective ways.

Essentials in Setting Up Live Chat Support

chat support

Does your team have a strategy to set up and implement live chat as a well-oiled machine? Without best practices in place from the start, you could see current customers walk away or incur costs from inefficiencies.

Whether you’re setting up live chat support from scratch or simply ready to improve your current customer chat experience, let these benefits and best practices guide your way.