Training Operations Coordinator

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The Training Operations Coordinator is responsible for organizing and maintaining the training schedule including escalations, and tracking data for monthly reports that impact, and department-wide project management. The types of projects managed will include but are not limited to the creation of new training materials, the development of B-Lynk’s scheduling tool, and any other training team initiatives.

The Training Operations Coordinator will report to the Training Manager and will work both with various internal resources as well as directly with B-Lynk customers. This teammate gets to be detail-oriented, thorough, an excellent problem solver, and strong communication skills.


With their project management experience and attention to detail this person will manage:

  • Training tracker data collection and training schedule
  • Monthly report data for customers and internal use
  • Updates and development of training intranet site
  • The web development and support ticket progression of B-Lynk’s scheduling site
  • Project management tool and roll out to team
  • Timeline and assistance for creation of new training materials
  • Access to customer training portals and apps
  • Customer sites with all training registration links
  • Training escalation requests
  • Customer surveys and gauges sentiment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in B2B customer service
  • Experience directly managing web development projects

Required Qualifications

  • Experience with project management.
  • Tech saavy… who isn’t?
  • Very resourceful.
  • A strong EQ.
  • Must be a good active listener.
  • A curious, self-starter.
  • Organized and not afraid to ask questions.
  • Proficient in all Microsoft applications and G-Suite.
  • Driven, energetic and ready to be a part of a fast growing company!


  • Remote – must work EST business hours.

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