Training Manager

Cisco IP Phones

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manages Training Team
    • Pay
    • PTO
    • Equipment Approval
    • Expenses
    • Performance Reviews
  • Ownership of Weekly10 for department
  • Supports in creating goals and objectives for training team
  • Hosts weekly Training team meetings
  • Weekly 1:1 with trainers
  • Revises/Creates processes to be implemented
  • Implements and supports the team with new procedures
  • Manages Train the Trainer program
    • eLearning courses for new trainers
    • Ongoing train the trainer sessions
    • Training for new products/services
    • PD
    • Leads cross-training efforts
  • Responsible for new hire training
  • Main point of contact for customer Project Managers
  • Creates internal training presentations
  • Updates customer intranet sites with new customer information (new service, EOL on phones, etc)
  • Assigns and supports the creation of new training material needed for new products/services


  • Remote Worker

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