The Only Constant is Change: Why Training is a Must When UC Tech Shuffles

If industry whispers are to be believed, Microsoft may be turning the page on MetaSwitch’s MaxUC platform. While nothing is officially inked yet, the writing seems to be on the wall after the big MS acquisition. For MaxUC customers, this could mean an eventual migration to Microsoft Teams or another UC solution is on the horizon.

But whether you’re a MaxUC die-hard or already looking ahead, one thing is certain – changes in workplace tech are inevitable. And with those changes come growing pains of getting teams up to speed on new software. Kind of like being the new kid at school again.  

Fortunately, having a solid training partner like B-Lynk can be your best friend during these transitions. We provide the “study buddy” resources that ensure your employees are mastering vital new systems from day one. From comprehensive how-to videos to intuitive user guides and knowledge bases, our tailored training solutions cover all the must-know material.

After all, what good is a shiny new UC platform if half your workforce is lost trying to start a video meeting? At B-Lynk, we’ve witnessed the struggles first-hand when companies go through major communication system overhauls without a strategic training plan.

Frankly, it can get ugly – like duct-taping the wrong ends of your AV cables together. Missed deadlines, sinking productivity, and SaaSy SOS calls are just par for the course without enabling your teams to truly leverage those newly implemented tools.

On the flip side, businesses that invest in upfront, specialized training from B-Lynk see massively better returns. Employees are engaged from the start, rapidly adopting new UC features with our guided resources. Those snazzy collaboration hubs you paid top dollar for go from glorified chat rooms to operational powerhouses.

It’s the difference between hastily cracking open a dense software manual versus getting clear, easy-to-follow lessons from a wise, Ctrl+S spamming, keyboard shortcut sensei.

So whether MaxUC’s fate is truly sealed or it sticks around for another chapter, working with a dedicated training partner like B-Lynk should be standard procedure – not an afterthought pulled from the recycle bin. Our tailored solutions ensure your teams are studying up to maximize returns when those inevitable software shakeups strike.

Reach out today to learn how our tailored video guides, user documentation and knowledge bases can be your teams’ start-to-finish “study buddy”.