Strengthen Sales Teams with Repurposed Training Content to Edge Out the Competition

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From the virtual desks of B-Lynk CEO Katie Merill and VP of Sales Jenna Stenger –

The competition is here. Reuse the tools already in your arsenal to equip your sales team with the skills and resources needed to come out on top and close the deal every time.

As a team that works closely with UC service providers, we have an up-close perspective of the changing trends in the landscape. With UC products becoming more and more competitive and product differentiators being harder to find, there is pressure on your sales organization to create value and drive sales through their product knowledge coupled with their ability to connect the dots between the customer’s business problem and how your products solve that. This requires a skilled sales professional willing to dive into learning the ins and outs of your product in order to connect the dots and sell a solution.

Recent data shows that 25% of all professional jobs in North America will become remote positions by the end of the year, with remote work continuing to increase into and throughout 2023. Not only does this trend lead to more UC sales, especially for cloud products, but it also creates high demand for more traditional products, like phone systems. With one-quarter of US businesses preparing to buy a new phone system in 2022, the opportunities to increase sales are abundant.

In an increasingly competitive market, sales teams need to be equipped with the skills and understanding to effectively map the capabilities of UC and cloud products and create a smooth sales process.

While product training efforts are typically focused on the end-user, sales teams can repurpose the same training content to support heightened sales efforts. By providing customers with answers to their specific questions and helping them understand how the product will benefit them, sales teams can find more success in closing the deal, even with such stiff competition.

Proactive product training also ensures that sales teams not only understand new products but are able to sell the value it provides for end customers.

The Power of Repurposing

With a bit of repurposing, the same product training content can provide gems of knowledge that upskill salespeople and give them valuable tools to use during the sales process.

For example, adjusting e-learning courses to be sales-focused can provide an in-depth curriculum of product knowledge to prepare sales teams for discovery meetings. Landing pages can also be reused as sales tools during presentations to better explain a product or its functions to a potential customer.

Another great example is FAQs. Since salespeople will likely run into customers asking these very questions during the discovery process, FAQs can help them prepare for calls and meetings to keep important points top of mind.

Finding Fresh Ways to Use Existing Content with B-Lynk

B-Lynk products and services can be tailored to help you meet the training needs of both your end-users and sales teams.

Smart-Books can be customized to use as a sales playbook for one or multiple products. One-Lynk sites can also be adapted for use as end-user trial sites, allowing sales team members to provide a “try before you buy” experience for potential customers.

Reseller sales teams can be one of your greatest assets during this season of growth in the UC and Cloud space if they have the tools they need to improve product knowledge and sales techniques – and you don’t have to start from scratch. With help from B-Lynk, you can repurpose the high-quality training content you already have in place as sales tools to get a leg up over the competition.