4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Customers Engaged

Acquiring new customers is one thing, but once you have them, retaining them by keeping them engaged is key. If you want your customers and end-users to continue finding value in your products and services over time, you have to continue providing value in unique, fresh ways.

Churn is no one’s friend and our industry’s worst enemy, and the key to avoiding it is consistent engagement. When users become habituated to your product and rely on its features regularly to accomplish tasks, you’ll become an integral part of their workday, so make it clear how your products can make their lives easier.

Whether through email campaigns, ongoing training sessions, or gathering feedback you can use to inform your strategies, here are four simple ways to keep your customers engaged with your brand and your offering.

Segmented Emails

There’s no denying that email can be effective, but for it to have the results you want, it has to provide real value. Emails shouldn’t feel like a mass send-out, they should feel personalized and meaningful. To do this, you can create segmented lists based on which product they use and what their role is so you’re never sending anything that feels irrelevant.

Friendly Reminder Campaigns

You can send these out seasonally and include comprehensive reminders that add value at the right time. These could include tips like updating holiday schedules in the admin portal during the later months of the year, updating a voicemail greeting before going on a summer vacation, or reminding users to download Webex on their home computers if they’ll be working remotely.

Product-Specific and User-Specific Campaigns

Using your segmented lists, you can also send out more specific information regarding products or roles to ensure you’re serving up the content of the most value. For example, you may want to create a list of new users to share a library of Getting Started videos or tips to set up their voicemails for the first time after completing onboarding. Or, you could reach out to all admin roles and offer tips for tasks specific to them.

Product News and Update Campaigns

You can also share timely information about product news or updates. Since updates are nearly constant for UC and collaboration software programs, you can send out regular “What’s New” emails with a direct link to the “What’s New” section of the B-Lynk Smart-Book created specifically for that product.

Ongoing Virtual Sessions

Outside of the inbox, you can keep users engaged more directly by hosting repeating virtual training sessions to keep capabilities and features top of mind. In each session, you can present a collection of the month’s quick tips or refresh a skill and answer any questions live. This is a great way to combat the forgetting curve, a natural weakness of the human brain that causes us to forget an average of 90% of new information after a week.

Solicit Regular Feedback

Feedback is your best friend if you want to continue growing, learning, improving, and better serving your end-users. Whether via email, during virtual sessions, or during customer service representatives’ conversations with users, soliciting regular feedback gives you the opportunity to address immediate issues and provide greater assistance long-term. It creates a two-way conversation between you and your users and gives you the opportunity to apply their feedback in meaningful ways they’ll recognize.

While you hope that your products are perfect when they launch, getting feedback from the users who interact with them every day allows you to fine-tune the customer experience when you know what’s working and what’s not.

Keeping Your Users Engaged with B-Lynk

Engagement is the lifeblood of a successful relationship between your products and your end-users. Without it, they’ll become disinterested and may stop using your products and services altogether, which negatively impacts your churn rates. Keeping users engaged should take a multi-pronged approach across several channels to appeal to different learner types and ensure you’re connecting with them from different angles and through the appropriate segments.

B-Lynk’s solutions and services help you keep your users engaged and empower them to make the most of your offerings. Through interactive Smart-Books, regular virtual training sessions with our in-house experts, and more, we can ensure your users are actively leveraging the capabilities you provide them. Get in touch to learn more.