B-Lynk Launches New Training and Support Content Solution One-Lynk

Digital content enablement and training company B-Lynk has recently announced the launch of a new content experience solution, One-Lynk, that provides access to dynamic collections of user and training content with a branded site experience.   

Within the new One-Lynk content experience, each content collection is displayed in an easy-to-navigate templated site and may include various content formats, such as videos, GIFs, interactive user guides, Smart-Books, and more. This format allows B-Lynk to create a master collection of content for UCaaS and CCaaS Platform Providers, and then deliver unique content experiences tailored to the specific needs of service providers, their reseller channel, and even enterprise customers requiring a private, customized experience.  

Further, each content section, and even each content item, is encoded with unique tracking IDs helpful for reporting. With this data, service providers have insight into what content end-users, their channel, and even their enterprise customers are accessing. This visibility into topics and features that are popular can drive discussion on usability and user adoption.

B-Lynk offers the option for exclusive customer-facing URL collections and every branded One-Lynk experience comes on a secure platform that is simple to use, free from the complicated security challenges often associated with other web platforms and content management systems.  Additionally, B-Lynk’s Chat Support and Training Services can be delivered to provide the full self-support and training solution.

One-Lynk content is fully managed and maintained by B-Lynk’s cloud and unified communications content team. With ever-changing cloud communication technology comes ever-changing content. Distribute a branded online support experience to your customers, across your channel and even to enterprise customers with specific training requirements. 

“We’re thrilled to offer this new solution to service providers of all sizes within the market and are ready to see how it reshapes the expectation of a branded content experience. Using collections and sleek templates, this service can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively enabling service providers of all sizes to deliver quality, effective enablement content to their customers,“ says B-Lynk CEO Katie Merrill.

Learn more about One-Lynk on the B-Lynk website.