You’ve Onboarded Your Customer. Now What?

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After onboarding a new customer, what comes next? An introductory training brings new hires up to speed, but after that, if they’re left to fend for themselves, users may regress, forget things learned, or run into new problems along the way.

Information in the mind decays over time if it’s not utilized frequently enough, and that’s exactly what can happen without an ongoing training program in place. The best way to make sure it sticks is with regular application.

Do you have what it takes to support your end-users after onboarding as they adopt and adapt to their new tools?

Never-Ending New Hires

New hires aren’t a one-and-done. They will continue to come in due to turnover or growth, and that won’t be changing anytime soon.

Turnover is a real challenge many businesses face, with a record 3% of the workforce quitting their jobs at the end of 2021. And “The Great Resignation” is far from over. Economists predict the war for top talent to continue throughout the year.

For other companies, growth is the primary motivator for new hires. When new locations or sites go up, there’s an immediate need for staff to fill it.

All of this amounts to new hires coming in every which direction, and all new hires need both onboarding and ongoing training.

Ongoing Training and Support Needs

Training centers typically have established training strategies for initial user onboarding or new product onboarding, but they tend to lack ongoing training and support strategies. Ongoing training is what actually improves the learning experience and retention, and it’s never been more important.

After just one day, data shows that people forget more than 70% of what’s taught in training. After six days, that number increases to 75%. So after a week, employees are only retaining about one-quarter of what they learned.

The best way the brain learns is through building on existing knowledge, which is why repetition and consistency is so key. If you don’t have a repeatable ongoing training program in place, you may notice users fall behind or fail to take advantage of the full suite of features available to them.

Comprehensive B-Lynk Solutions

To avoid information decay, reinforce the lessons taught in initial onboarding, and add to the skills and information already taught, you need to establish training and support solutions that extend far past onboarding.

B-Lynk has a variety of resources that can support your customers’ ongoing training and support needs through media such as video, chat, books, and portals.

Learn how each one can benefit end-users:

  • Recurring Webinars: Schedule consistent webinars to provide follow-up training that fills gaps and addresses any weak points or areas of need.
  • Chat Support: Offer immediate help when users have a question and need a quick solution from a live agent.
  • Smart-Books: Access dynamic and comprehensive e-books updated in real-time to keep pace with product updates.
  • Smart-Lynk: Help users find everything they need in one place, featuring videos, articles, FAQs, and more.
  • User Guides: Let users support themselves with access to helpful user guides that explain just about everything.
  • Training Videos: Refresh core concepts with instructional-style videos white-labeled to you.

If you have a training or support need, B-Lynk can fill it. With our wide range of formats, our solutions can help close the customer experience loop and provide the information your customers need when they need it.

Help your customers work their best with ongoing support from B-Lynk. Get in touch to learn more.