B-Lynk Announces Launch of New Smart-Books

Tampa, FL — Cloud technology training and support provider, B-Lynk is expanding its product offering with the launch of Smart-Books, a comprehensive, interactive, and dynamic eBook customized to a specific product offering and brand.

Communication platforms such as Webex and Microsoft Teams are constantly updating, making training materials outdated shortly after being  produced and causing end-user frustration when they can’t find answers to their questions.

With Smart-Books, content is updated in real-time to keep pace with new product versions so users will always have access to the most recent information. Updates are no longer costly and cumbersome; they’re managed and seamlessly integrated into Smart-Books by B-Lynk’s product experts with ongoing Smart-Maintenance.

Smart-Books are comprehensive guides that cover the A-Z of a product. They are highly organized and interactive, with menus to quickly access each topic or chapter,, and are equipped with search functionality within each section. Smart-Books combine text, videos, GIFs, screenshots, and custom branding elements to make each Smart-Books experience feel unique to each product offering. 

The guides are dynamic, refreshing automatically and reflecting updates either within the Smart-Lynk suite or a custom Smart-Books link, so there’s no need to notify customers when a new version is available. Users can also access a ‘Coming Soon’ section where they can preview upcoming product updates.

“Smart-Books take the work out of keeping up with constantly innovating products. They’re highly valuable support resources with engaging and organized content that can be tailored to your offer, and updated at a rapid pace. We use various asset types in order to shorten the development and update process without sacrificing the quality and effectiveness of the content,” says Katie Merrill, B-Lynk founder and CEO.

When users always have access to updated training and support information at their fingertips, it improves the user experience and increases user adoption. Customers feel empowered through the self-service option and make the most of their product’s features and capabilities, improving productivity and overall satisfaction.

To learn more about Smart-Books and B-Lynk’s other training and support solutions, visit b-lynk.com.