Microsoft Teams Enhanced Calling Training & Support with Operator Connect

At the tail end of September, Microsoft added new Teams phone features and fully launched its Operator Connect service, an operator-managed program designed to help businesses connect their PTSN to Teams Phone.

This means that MS Teams service providers who become part of the Operator Connect program can help both current and new customers enhance the existing Teams experience, reduce redundancy, and increase efficiency.

The new program allows service providers to maintain existing customer relationships and potentially find new business from MS Teams customers who are looking for a new participating provider.

B-Lynk can help service providers make the most of the new Teams Phone features and the Operator Connect launch through training and support to make the transition a smooth one both for our operator clients and their customers.

Operator Connect: Benefits

The recent rollout of the Operator Connect program presents benefits to participants of all levels, from the operators themselves to the end-users.

In addition to the advantage of streamlining phone systems, end-users also enjoy the following benefits from this new launch:

  • Keeping existing operator or selecting a new one from participants
  • Saving on hardware and management
  • Deploying the program quickly and easily through the Teams admin center
  • Receiving technical support from operators

For service providers, on the other hand, this change means there’s a greater opportunity for new business as well as expanded business with existing customers as part of the Operator Connect network.

Support for MS Teams Service Providers Participating in the Operator Connect Program

Service providers who choose to join the Operator Connect program can and should take advantage of these expanded opportunities, and B-Lynk can help support the changes along the way.

As training and support experts in the field of cloud communications, B-Lynk can provide specific training regarding how to use MS Teams calling. These trainings can go over different features and calling functionality as well as cover all the other questions that end-users will inevitably ask as new adopters. This training content can come in a variety of formats, such as live virtual trainings, videos, FAQs, and in-depth user guides.

Not all service providers work exclusively with customers in their local area, so B-Lynk can also help bridge the language gap with localization services that translate trainings into multiple languages.

Finally, as these changes impact participants of all levels, B-Lynk can even support sales teams with sales-specific training to educate reps so they can better pitch it to customers and prospects.

New to the Operator Connect program and want to maximize its benefits to you and your customers? Contact B-Lynk’s UC training experts to learn more about how we can help.