“How Do We Scale the Customer Experience?”: A Look Into 2022 Trends

Office workers gathered at table with computers and laptops

Greetings from the virtual desks of B-Lynk CEO Katie Merill and VP of Sales Jenna Stenger –

As we head into 2022, we’ve been collaborating with our Cloud UC Service Provider customers on how we can best support them and their end-customers in the coming year. These critical conversations help us learn what we can improve on, what services and products they find most valuable, where we can support them, and we also get a sneak peek into their product roadmap and business priorities for the upcoming year. 

Every year, we look forward to these conversations that have led to some incredible partnerships over the past decade.  

What we are finding is that the product is now becoming the process – meaning that the experience customers have during implementation is actually something to strategically build, invest in, and market. There is a big focus on trying to stand out in a new way

It’s no longer about their product roadmap from a device and application standpoint, or what new bell or whistle they are launching mid-year. It’s around the customer onboarding experience, operationalizing customer deployments, and finding ways to differentiate themselves outside of features and functionality.   

We are learning that there is a tremendous amount of attention on pre-install through the first 60 days post-implementation. This is where the greatest amount of churn happens and also where customers learn to adopt their new work tools.

But tackling the onboarding experience is not an easy task. It requires retooling existing, broken processes and creating better automation, customer training, ‘getting started’ content, and most importantly, more meaningful customer interactions. All of this must occur with impeccable timing to get customers just what they need, just when they need it.

We look forward to helping our customers on their journey to customer experience excellence and are excited to add value as a trusted partner in 2022.