Localization Solutions Made Easy

The software industry, and cloud communications, in particular, is full of technical and highly specialized phrases within the products themselves, the marketing, and the training and support material.

It can be challenging enough for users to understand the technical jargon in their native language, but when they’re trying to understand the specifics of a cloud product in an unfamiliar language, the odds are working against them.

Failing to provide product marketing, or training and support solutions in a language a potential customer needs could cost service providers opportunities to grow their business. Yet, localization can be cumbersome and expensive.

In this article, we’ll discuss why localization is important to UC providers, especially in a post-COVID world, and the benefits it offers. Then, we’ll share how B-Lynk can provide seamless and effective localization solutions to help providers like you reach your end-users in their language.

What is Localization? And Why Do Companies Need It?

Localization is the practice of adapting content or a product to meet a specific market. Not only does it take language into consideration, but also cultural nuances like imagery that a new audience might respond differently to.

Localization is especially important in the tech industry. We can see this exemplified simply with app downloads – one app localized its keywords as well as the name and description of the app itself and saw its downloads increase by a whopping 767%.

This goes far beyond apps, however. Any content end-users are accessing that covers a complex product like a UC or cloud platform should make sense to them, and that means the content needs to be available in their native language.

The Need for Localization in a Post-COVID World

In a summer 2020 PwC survey of nearly 700 CEOS, 78% agreed that remote collaboration is here to stay for the long term. Not only does that offer several benefits to workers, but it also allows employers to hire based on skill rather than having to filter by geographic location.

That means that in a post-COVID-19 world, more and more workers may be international, working from their own local area. In the tech industry specifically, that means any content being disseminated should be available in their local language to support this growing remote workforce.

Benefits of Localization

Localizing your content can support your efforts to educate potential customers about your product offerings and improve your current training and support.

B-Lynk can make localization easy for your product marketing, training, and support videos, as well as provide a completely customized and localized version of our Smart-Lynk fully managed training and support portal.

Once integrated, some of the additional benefits of localization include:

  • A competitive edge over both local and global competitors – Gain a foothold over new markets
  • An easier entrance into new markets – Overcome cultural obstacles
  • Increased brand loyalty – Create a satisfying user experience that gains users’ trust
  • Increased customer satisfaction – Prove your commitment to your customers by addressing their unique needs with self-service solutions

Localization Solutions with B-Lynk

At the core of everything we do, B-Lynk solutions are always tailored to the needs of our customers, and that includes the languages they need.

We offer localization options for UC video, whether product marketing videos, training tutorials or customer support clips, through tailored voiceovers in up to 142 languages by expert trainers. We also offer the alternative of subtitles, which can serve as a more affordable option available in a quicker turnaround time.

To learn more about our localization offerings so you can eliminate your brand boundaries and prepare to welcome users from anywhere in the world, reach out to our team.