B-Lynk Announces Expanded Platform & Partner Services

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Cloud training and support solutions provider B-Lynk has recently announced that it is expanding its platform and partner services with the creation of a new department committed to the endeavor.

After focusing on Cisco and Metaswitch platform services for over a decade, B-Lynk’s new Platform and Partner Growth division will focus on partnering with additional cloud platforms and communication and collaboration technology hardware vendors to develop customized training and support solutions that increase end-user adoption, improve customer satisfaction, and spur business growth.

As experts in cloud Unified Communications (UC) who understand how customers use these products, the nuances of each platform, and best practice solutions to common struggles associated with UC and cloud technology, B-Lynk will be expanding its expertise to other platforms to broaden its reach and improve UC adoption across the board.

In the last 18 months, B-Lynk completed 6,000+ virtual trainings with over 30,000 end users. The company also created and published over 500 digital content support resources. With the addition of this new department and shift in focus, B-Lynk expects to see substantial growth in both the number of trainings and content produced.

Spearheading the new department is Raquel Molina, VP of Platform and Partner Growth. Raquel has been with the company for over ten years and, during that decade, led and grew the digital production team, building a massive digital content library. She has also been instrumental in the development of new products and service offerings. Most recently, Raquel was responsible for revenue growth and secured big wins for B-Lynk, bringing on major cloud contact center platforms, UC Portal providers and IP hardware partners in  2021. Her creativity and eye for new opportunities make Raquel the ideal fit to lead the company’s additional platform sales efforts.

Additionally, Jenna Stenger, B-Lynk’s former Director of Training Services will be moving to a new position as Vice President of Sales. In her previous role, Jenna grew the team of B-Lynk trainers to deliver 400+ virtual sessions a month and paved the way for new service offerings such as chat support and custom enterprise training offers. In her new position, Jenna will use her business savvy mindset and stand-out leadership skills to build a high-powered sales organization handling all service provider revenue across platforms. 

“We’re excited about our new expansion and looking forward to seeing our products and services out there supporting additional cloud platforms, their channels, and users,” says Katie Merrill, CEO.

Through its expanded platform and partner services division, B-Lynk will help its new and existing partners create training and support content and deliver services that improve the user experience, drive adoption, and enhance customer satisfaction overall.

To learn more about B-Lynk and its expanded offerings, visit b-lynk.com.