Are Your Customers Using Cisco UCM Cloud? We Can Help.

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Today, organizations everywhere are using cloud services for new business initiatives or to replace legacy systems, reallocating much of their traditional IT solution spending to the cloud. It’s true — Gartner Research calls this trend “cloud shift.”

One of these popular cloud communication services is Cisco UCM Cloud, a private cloud solution from Cisco that offers the best from both public and private cloud with hosting and operations all managed by Cisco to meet evolving business needs with proven customizable deployment architecture.

If you’re noticing more of your enterprise customers moving toward cloud-based models with Cisco UCM Cloud, B-Lynk’s Cisco UCM Cloud training can help your customers adapt to the platform whether migrating from Cisco’s legacy product, HCS, or new to the service.

The shift to the cloud continues

Enterprises continue to demonstrate their preference for public cloud services over more traditional non-cloud alternatives, according to Gartner. This trend isn’t going away any time soon, either.

By 2024, more than 45% of IT spending will be specifically reallocated to cloud solutions. One primary driver of this shift will be the aftermath of COVID-19 as businesses look to cut costs and improve operational efficiencies wherever they can.

One thing that operations leaders should be wary of, however, is “cloud washing,” a term used to describe cloud labels on solutions that are not, in fact, cloud-based. Rather than take the “cloud-first” approach that we’ve been seeing in recent years, enterprises are considering a “cloud smart” approach, basing cloud adoption on each organization’s individual goals.

Are your enterprise customers using Cisco UCM Cloud?

If you’ve been seeing your customers progressing toward cloud applications, you’ve likely also seen the challenges they encounter as they either adopt new solutions or migrate from legacy systems such as Cisco’s HCS.

These issues, like lack of experience or cloud migration troubleshooting, may cause organizations to hesitate or backtrack in their decision to move to the cloud, but with a robust onboarding strategy aided by the cloud experts at B-Lynk, you can help them overcome these challenges and make the most of their cloud solutions with a “cloud smart” approach.

Below are some challenges customers may face as they migrate or if they are new to using a product like Cisco UCM Cloud:

  • Data security – Moving from an on-premise solution to a cloud-based model can be nerve-wracking for organizations who prioritize the safety and security of their valuable proprietary data and information. Cloud networks are actually some of the safest options available, however, and proper training can help businesses realize that.
  • Inadequate resources and knowledge – If an organization does not have a Unified Communications Manager on-site, product adoption among the team can be difficult. Some enterprises look to hire these experts in-house to aid in the process, but ample training for current staff can give them the confidence they need to become empowered users.
  • Cloud spending – Cloud solutions may intimidate those who are concerned about cloud spending, but the reality is that solutions like Cisco UCM Cloud run more on operational expenditure (OPEX) with expenses at regular intervals as compared to a high up-front cost from on-premise solutions. This can free up capital for other essential purchases and make the UC cost easier to budget over time.
  • Migration – From migrating data over from a legacy system to empowering users to take advantage of the full suite of features and capabilities, migration can feel overwhelming to enterprises when they don’t have the necessary training resources available.

Better Onboarding with B-Lynk

B-Lynk can provide training to help you onboard customers and alleviate some challenges/frustrations, helping enterprises advance their organizational infrastructure and users feel comfortable engaging with these new systems in their full capacity.

Some of the training and support resources we offer include:

  • Video training – As an on-demand option, B-Lynk offers customized instructional and how-to videos based on eLearning principles to cover troublesome topics or clarify points of confusion, whatever the end-users need most.
  • User Guides & FAQs – These serve as great resources that users can go back and reference as needed. They offer excellent ongoing support content that can be managed and updated regularly as needed.
  • Self-service support with Smart-Lynk – Offer your customers a robust cloud services training platform with everything they could need, custom-branded and customized with support features that will educate and empower them to make the most of Cisco UCM Cloud.

To learn more about how B-Lynk’s various services and products can aid in your customers’ shift to the cloud and make the move a smoother, safer, and less intimidating one, get in touch with our team today.