Amplify Your Call Center Training

Customer service can make or break a company. If it’s good, a business can create a loyal band of followers, but if it’s bad, customers won’t think twice about switching providers.

Are your customers’ Call Center agents setting the right tone as the “front door” of the business, or is there room for improvement?

The best way for your customers to create a united front and provide helpful service from their Call Center is through engaging, thorough, and collaborative training. With the right instruction, your clients can create more confident, empowered, and accommodating Call Center agents that will set the tone for the rest of their business.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the ways your customers can provide better training for their call center solutions, including engagement tricks and collaboration strategies, and how B-Lynk can help meet their training needs.

The Importance of Call Center Training

Training truly is key to success. Not only does it ensure that the company is providing the right external experience for customers, but it also improves business performance internally.

High-quality training can reduce churn by opening up continuous learning opportunities and fostering employee development. In turn, it also improves employee satisfaction. If your clients are looking for a way to boost business efficiency as well, know that companies that invest in training, on average, see a 24% higher profit margin than those that don’t.

Of course, it also creates a network of support resources for customers and ensures they have a pleasant experience when challenges eventually arise. When agents are well-versed in the Call Center management platform they’re using and feel confident enough to speak to and solve the most common customer problems, customers will walk away feeling relieved and assured.

To help your client’s Call Center agents provide this experience to their customers, equip them with the right training.

Tips for Better Training

While any training is better than no training at all, there’s quite a difference between training that simply gets the job done and training that empowers agents to handle all kinds of challenges with ease and confidence.

In today’s world, in-office training isn’t nearly as common as remote training thanks to social distancing and so many employees working from home. Training remotely isn’t all that different from training in person, but it does require a mindset shift.

Since there’s a physical disconnect, trainers must keep engagement as a top priority. Offering chances to ask questions and get help is important because it can be harder for a trainee to ask when everything is virtual.

Trainers should also offer enough training resources online for the learners to reference as they go, or once training is over.

Another recommendation is to teach in smaller chunks (or micro-learning sessions) to keep trainees engaged and give them a chance to deal with the inevitable distractions of WFH.

Here are a few more tips to ensure your customers are hitting all the marks when leading their training sessions:

  • Use the buddy system – Pair up new trainees with experienced agents to shorten the learning curve.
  • Use remote collaboration tools to allow for interaction within the group – Try to weave Call Center collaboration tools like the Barging and Monitoring features into class examples to let trainees listen in on and engage with each other while simultaneously adopting functions like Conference Call.
  • Role Play – Rather than explaining use cases for certain features and settings, utilize the trainees themselves to portray the customer or the agent in training examples to keep their attention.

B-Lynk’s Solutions for Training

Call Center Training can make or break a brand in a customer’s eyes. A lot is riding on the quality and engagement of agent training, but companies don’t have to do it alone. B-Lynk is here to help through our robust solutions geared specifically toward UC training.

To take advantage of the benefits of live training (think real-time Q&As and interactive lessons) without the current public health concerns around in-person training, we offer Live virtual training sessions covering Call Center functionality, tools, and settings delivered by niche experts with years of experience in the field.

Also, we can provide self-service videos, guides, FAQs, and more to supplement any lingering questions or concerns post-training.

To keep Call Center Agents up-to-date on the latest changes and features, we also offer a custom-branded and fully managed training portal, Smart-Lynk, that comes packed with all the necessary support and features to educate and empower agents to close the customer experience loop.

To schedule a live virtual training webinar for your customers’ Call Centers or get started with a customized Smart-Lynk portal, contact B-Lynk to begin.