Why Video is Key for UC End User Training & How to Get it Right


When it’s time to learn something new, most rely on video to get them there.

According to Pew Research, 86 percent of U.S. Youtube viewers often use the platform to learn new things or find out how to do things they’ve never done before.

The trend is clear – video learning is more engaging, and it helps users remember useful information within the content. If you’re struggling to facilitate product adoption among your UC end users or simply want to boost retention, finding a way to integrate video into your training is critical.

Here’s why you should be using video for your end user development and how to do so in the most effective ways:

Benefits of Video Training Content

Video is a powerful and effective tool when used correctly in a UC training and end user adoption program. Some of the most obvious benefits of supplementing your training with video content include:

Content is accessible from anywhere

When you rely on in-person training to orient your end users with your collaborative features and tools, you’re limiting access to one physical location. In the season of this global pandemic, remote access has become increasingly important as companies shift to a work from home model. Online video content allows all of your end users to access your training wherever they’re at, and at their own speed.

Provides ability to revisit training later

Sometimes, end users need to go through training content more than once to make it really stick. Live webinars and on-site training can put pressure on users to organize and memorize a large amount of information in one short period of time. When you give your video content a home within a universally available training portal, your end users can access the content whenever they need to reinforce key information.

Decrease costs

Training with a live administrator does offer some benefits of its own, but the trouble comes with the often high costs associated with in-person support. Typically, companies end up spending more on travel costs and instructor time than the actual training materials. With video, you only have to pay once and press play for a valuable resource that can be used for years to come.

Consistent learning across locations and users

A small training group won’t always get the same experience as the group that came before them. For the sake of consistency across all end users, video makes it easy to create a universal piece of content that covers everything important. That way, everyone gets the same level of dedicated training.

Video Best Practices

To make sure your video content leads to effective learning and retention, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Anchor training to a specific objective – Keep it simple and keep your content guided by one objective at a time. Breaking the information up into smaller chunks for shorter, individualized videos will aid in retention.
  • Create for a learner persona – Don’t create content for yourself, create it for the learner. Creating a persona before putting videos together is a great way to ensure the language, stories, shots, and other elements make sense to your learner immediately. B-Lynk custom video content is always created with your UC end user in mind.
  • Make them short, sweet, and easy to understand – Don’t bog your viewers down with unnecessary information and complex ideas. Structure your videos in a logical sequence so there’s no head scratching when the clip is done.
  • Personalize your content – Leverage your existing brand assets in intro/outro clips or place them in the lower third of your screen to personalize the content to your audience and make the content feel relevant.
  • Interaction – When you provide opportunities for interaction within the videos or as complementary training materials, you increase the odds of information retention for all learning styles.
Upgrade Your UC End User Training Content

Video is slowly but surely becoming one of the most important and engaging mediums, especially when it comes to learning new material. A training program without video content today is missing a major opportunity to engage learners, help them retain information longer, and speed up overall product adoption among end users.

B-Lynk’s eLearning and training videos are created by cloud subject matter experts and can be custom branded to fit your unique corporate identity. From getting started to explainer-style content, our interactive videos cover everything important and can be accessed whenever and wherever your end users are.

Visit our Video Training Solutions page or get in touch with a B-Lynk representative to learn more about our video content options.