Get Over the Overviews.

There are certain times in life, where an overview is valuable.  For example, if you are in the information gathering and research phase of a purchase – you would likely want an overview of the product, description of its features and a brief explanation of why that product might benefit you. However, when it comes to developing training content that … Read More

If you aren’t talking about Responsive Training, you’re already late…

On June 29th of this year we will mark a complete decade since the release of iPhone1. From then until now, we’ve gone through a mountain of mobile devices, netbooks, iPads and tablets – each promising increased mobility, and ease-of-use…and each with a different screen size. Let’s make a distinction here between these devices themselves (hardware) and the Operating Systems, … Read More

Got Style?

Not to be the fashion police here, but as your end users look to your website for help and support content it’s time to make sure your style is in check.  Don’t be caught with inconsistent punctuation or overusing quotation marks, make certain that your content is organized and easily accessed (and PLEASE don’t leave the house wearing socks with … Read More

3 Things to Consider When Developing End-User Help and Support Content

Gone are the days of the 190-page user manuals explaining how to configure and modify every toggle button or setting included with your product or service.  Today’s users need information quickly in bite sized pieces that they can easily find.  They are savvy and fast – they are used to using YouTube videos or doing quick Goggle searches to get … Read More

Is Video the Key to Training Employees and Increasing Sales?

Many of today’s forward-thinking companies are attempting to capitalize on the power of video; a case could be made that the play button is fast becoming the most influential tool on the Internet.  For us – it has added significant value in our business and has created a solution for our customers-all with the power of video. Now…Are we experts … Read More